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Exhibit Profile

- Exhibit Profile

  • LED Components and Materials: Sapphire Consumables, Crustal Rods, Epitaxial Wafers, Substrates, PSS, Chips, Phosphor Powder, Golden line, Bracket, Silicon, Thermal Conductive Board, LED Light, LED CSP Packaging, LED Light Source, LED Lens, etc.

  • LED Manufacturing and Testing EquipmentMOCVD, Dicing Machine, Chip Test, Sorting Machine, Solid Crystal Machine, Welding Wire Machine, LED Dispensers, Colors/light Sorting System, Taping Machines, SMT Machine, Test Instruments, Baker, Mixers, Sapphire Process Equipment, etc.

  • LED Semiconductor LightingOutdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Special Lighting, LED Backlight, OLED, LED Driver, Lighting Accessories, etc.

  • LED DisplaySmall Space LED Display, Commercial Advertising Display, and Stage Rental Displays, LED Curtain Display, Irregular Shaped Display, Car Display, Control Card, LED Display Systems, ICs, etc.

  • Semiconductor Materials, IC, MEMS, Semiconductor Test and MeasurementSemiconductor Materials, IC, MEMS Technology, MEMS Sensors, 2D/3D Detecting System, Machine Vision, Film Thickness Detection System, ICT Devices, AOI Devices, PCB Vision Detection Equipment, X-Ray Equipment, etc.

  • SMT Technology and EquipmentPrinting Equipment and Accessories, SMT Equipment, Package Equipment, Production Line Instruments and Equipment, PCB Manufacturing and Assembly, etc.

  • Welding Equipment and MaterialsWave Soldering Equipment, Reflow Soldering Equipment, Drawing Soldering, Hot Air Welding, Infrared Welding, Laser Welding, Ultrasonic Welding Equipment, Cleaning Equipment and Materials, etc.

  • Intelligent Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing Automation Equipment, 3D PrintersIntelligent Manufacturing Equipment, CNC, Automatic Production Equipment and Accessories, Industrial Robot, Motion Control Equipment, 3D Printer, 3D Printing Software, Printing Materials, etc.

  • Cleaning EngineeringClean Room, ESD Protection Materials, etc.